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    Ebay item #: 180629366135

    same Ebay name as my Precentral username

    You will be receiving all of my accessories including:

    The phone
    Touchstone back for the phone
    original phone back still with the plastic protectant
    2- AC adapters- great for work and home
    1- car adapter with micro USB cord
    2-pouches to clean and protect the phone
    original and untouched ear phones
    2- batteries- one that is 1 month old and one that is 1 1/2 years old from an older phone of mine
    original box for Phone
    all original literature for the phone, touchstone

    *BONUS*- an extra Phantom Skinz screen protector still in original box (unused) in case you want to replace the one currently on the phone

    *Only ship to lower 48 states PLEASE via USPS with insurance!*
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    There is a certain irony to wanting to dump a Palm Pre with all those accessories only after having it for 2 1/2 months, don't ya think?
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    had 8 different Pre's since 6/9/ latest was brand new that Sprint gave me because they felt bad...hence all of the accessories. I will miss it and may be back but can't wait for HP to play catch up. Web OS is great and I will miss it but they need to work out the bugs and use the homebrew guys (web os internalz, jason, etc) and incorporate their "stuff' into the software.

    3 days left to bid!!!
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    Nice looking phone.
    Commodore Pet, Commodore 64&128, Amiga 4000, PC-7, Ubuntu, Treo 650. Treo 755p,Sprint Palm Pre Plus 2.2.4,2 Sprint Pre2 2.2.4, TouchPad 32gig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by craftsman View Post
    Nice looking phone.
    thanks...I will miss her. Phone feels oreo at all
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    1 day left to bid.
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    only a few hours left to bid...get to Ebay now and take a look at this phone and all it has to offer!!!

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