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    My sister just bought a BB 9330 online from Verizon. When I explained the poor browser on the BB compared to the Pixi, plus the mobile hotspot and everything else the Pixi is superior in, she decided she wanted the Pixi.

    She called Verizion to see if she could cancel the order. They said the phone was already in "Shipping" mode and they couldn't cancel the order. They did tell her about her 14 day return policy, but said there would be a $35.00 restocking fee. She only paid $29.99 for the phone.

    Does Verizon really have a restocking fee?

    Can she complain enough so that they waive the fee?

    Does anybody have any tips that worked for not having the restocking fee applied?

    Thanks for your help.

    PS. I sent a couple private messages to a couple users here and either they didn't realize they had messages or they have just ignored my inquiry to the Pixi's they were selling. Sad, because if the price was cheaper than the Pixi I found elsewhere, I would have bought one here. Point is, make sure you check your messages. Someone may have asked you a personal question.
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    refuse the shipment. Talk the the credit card.
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    As he said you could refuse shipment. Best bet would prob be throwing a temper tantrum in a verizon store with the unopened bberry.

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    Yes VZW does have a restock fee and returns are only 14 days now (used to be 30) and I don't konw anyone who has had it waived but it is worth a try.
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    yes, they do a restocking fee. Best plan is to refuse shipment.

    if you can't, call vzw cust service. Complete waste of time to go to retail stores. Call center can escalate to someone that can wave the fee. More likely for log standing customers and people who ask firm-but-nice.

    best if she just rverts to old phone because that is a simple return/cancel. Switching to another device means they probably won't refund it

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