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    Quote Originally Posted by pixi kid View Post
    Touchstone covers all sold out over at verizon.
    I just checked and I don't think it is. Make sure you go through the compatibility test and pick Palm Pixi Plus and the add to cart button will come up.
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    Does anyone know the turn around time on Dailysteals? I got the initial order confirmation but no further updates on shipping or anything else.
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    they are on again for $45
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    Quote Originally Posted by otterpop View Post
    they are on again for $45
    plus shipping and I believe they were the company that had all those shipping issues the first time it was offered
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    my dailysteals order was 1/24, and I don't see that I ever got a shipping email, but it arrived either 1/31 or 2/1 via US Mail

    my 1saleaday order was placed (and credit card charged) 1/31 and shipped 2/9 UPS ground, arriving 2/16.
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    Got my Verizon Palm Pixi Plus (for my wife) today in the mail. I never got a shipping notification e-mail like they said.

    FYI, I'm in Northern NJ and it was shipped from Brooklyn, NY, which is a 1 hour drive from my town.

    I've gone a bit crazy in the past 3 weeks. I went from 1 WebOS phone to 5.

    1. Sprint Palm Pre (minus) - original WebOS phone, bought in July 2009
    2. Verizon Palm Pre Plus - bought on eBay to "Plus" my Sprint Pre
    3. Verizon Palm Pixi - bought from DailySteals to add WiFi to #4
    4. Sprint Palm Pixi - bought on eBay for my wife, # 3 above is for the WiFi
    5. Unlocked GSM Pre 2 - Free from HP for development (should I "2" my Sprint Pre?)

    I think I have a lot work ahead of me, I'm not even sure what I want to do with them now...
    Nokia 6185 > Sanyo SCP-5300 > Palm Treo 650 > Palm Pre> Franken Pre 2 > iPhone 4S
    (All Sprint)
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    Palm Pixi Plus Verizon from Meritline for $45.99

    Use coupon code MLCK5SLEIGH5NL1

    Meritline Palm Pixi Plus VZW for $79, coupon code gets it down to $45
    Sent from my slowly diminishing intellect

    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockbeast View Post
    Palm Pixi Plus Verizon from Meritline for $45.99

    Use coupon code MLCK5SLEIGH5NL1

    coupon code gets it down to $45
    Just so you know ahead of time: This coupon is part of an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers. By using this coupon code, you are consenting to receive additional deals and promotions sent in our e-mail newsletter.
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