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    I'm moving on from Sprint to Verizon, so I've decided to offer up my Sprint Pre to to the good PreCentral community.

    The device itself has been pretty well babied, especially being a <6mo old insurance replacement, and spent the last month only sitting on its Touchstone charger, dutifully forwarding text messages. (until this week, when I finally turned it off)

    I'm including a spare battery, the original charger, the Touchstone back cover, and a Touchstone charging dock.

    In addition, I have an extra Touchstone dock w/ charger I'm willing to include for an extra $20. It has some cosmetic damage from a short spill it took when I took it to work, but it is fully functional. It even still has the plastic sheath on the bottom protecting the adhesive bit.

    If you're in the south SF bay area, I'm willing to meet up and knock a few bucks off the price. PM me if you're interested.

    EDIT: I can also include the original Sprint/Pre packaging, if you'd like.
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    Still up for grabs. I'm willing to be flexible on price.
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    I might be interested if the price drops a bit. I'm trying to pick up a spare on eBay or something, but if this was easier, I'd be up for it.

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