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    Hi. I'm looking for someone who wants to trade their AT&T Palm Pixi Plus (preferably unlocked) for two slightly used Verizon Pixi Plus. Both of them have clean ESN (although I can't confirm one of them, because I never activated it, I just used it as a PDA; it was listed as clean ESN in eBay, anyway), and the only wear they show is really light scratches on the screen (just one of them, the other one has a screen protector; the same one needs a back cover replacement).

    Anyone interested?

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    Anyone? Maybe AT&T Pixis aren't that popular.
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    They are very popular and in fact are more valuable (they are more expensive on ebay) than most VZ or sprint phones. Anyway, if someone has an at&t phone, they are probably using at&t and therefore don't really need a verizon phone.- That's my thought anyway.
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