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    Hello, hello, hello, Palm community! I just got a Pixi Plus for ~$65 from eBay and couldn't be happier with it. It's my first smartphone. Being free to use it without a data plan on Page Plus is like a best-case scenario

    Anyhow...I could tell from the start that I'd want to use the Touchstone accessory, so I decided to buy a $15 clearance VZW car charger/Touchstone/Pre pouch bundle in order to use the first two components in my car.

    I unfortunately can't fit my Pixi into the leather Pre pouch, so I'd like to trade it for a similar pouch or holster I can use for my Pixi. The pouch is brand-new, purchased this past Friday, and I'll be happy to include a copy of my purchase receipt so you can take advantage of its 1-year limited warranty through Verizon.

    You can see this holster for yourself on Verizon Wireless' web site by doing the following:

    Accessories -> Click "Shop by another device" -> Select Palm Pre Plus -> Categories -> Cases and Covers -> Wearable Pouch

    I have Heatware feedback under cr0ssfire.
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