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    I have one that I am selling.

    I have the phone, one power cord, two touchstones with a touchstone back, zagg screen protector on it and extra battery. The power button does not click anymore. It works, just no longer an easy click.

    Price: $120 shipped obo****

    Edit: $90 shipped

    PM me for pics.
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    Offers Anyone?
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    Price Lowered.
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    I can't get anyone interested in this phone. Someone tell me why.
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    Compare your prices to what's out there on Craig list and eBay. I think you're a tad high.

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    Alright priced lowered. With two touchstones I feel like my price is not that high. Any offers?
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    I can do $70 right now. A student of mine is looking for a Pre and before going on Craigslist I figured I'd help out (and seek help) a fellow PC user!
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    Just sold it actually. Sorry but thanks for looking on here first.

    Please Close.

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