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    Just to let you guys know... Straight talk is a ATT mvno that offers unlimited texting, data, and calls for only 45 dollars a month. You need to buy their phone, activate the service, and place the sim on the pre 2.
    Cons.... the only phone with unlocked sim is the nokia e71, and you cannot resell that phone to recover your expenses. If you use that phone with another sim (at least in the us) your sim card will be blocked. I hope it helps some of you guys
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    Would be great if it could be done with one of the cheaper phones. A little to much for a phone that wont be used or resold.
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    maybe.. but it's cheaper the long term, can be sold on ebay for another country, and is unlimited..
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    I certainly am not an expert on this. But consider this.
    I think "Straight Talk" is a TracFone operation as is NET10.
    I had the idea of getting an unlocked Pre2 and using my NET10 SIM card in it. I have accumulated a Gazillion minutes on NET10. ( Uses AT&T ). I just wanted a nicer phone and the capability to use it on WiFi and as a PDA type device.
    Researching I have discovered that the NET10 SIM is paired ( Locked ) to the dumb phone that it was bought and activated with. It will not work in an unlocked Pre2. NET10 ( A TracFone company ) is not about to help me make it possible.
    I would be careful and check to be sure the same does not apply to Straight Talk.
    If anyone knows a way aroundthis I would be delighted to hear your thoughts.
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    it works with straight talk.. Bunch of posts on slickdeas and howard forums about it. Doubt there's a way on net10 or I woud have heard it.
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    If you buy "their phone" how would that be a Pre2?
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    Only the sim card with the nokia n71 is unlocked...
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiki2 View Post
    Only the sim card with the nokia n71 is unlocked...
    nokia n71? i thought you said it was nokia e71?

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