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    Once upon a time a lowly Sprint Pre fortuitously fell into my lap. I fell in love but alas, cannot sign another contract until June! Until then I need to find a way to get my webOS fix on a GSM network.

    My budget is small right now (I'm upgrading in June!) but I'll settle for w/e as long as it runs webOS

    Anybody out there interested?
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    Wait hang on, you're on Sprint and you're looking for a GSM?

    For $100 you should consider a ex-Verizon Pre Plus and do a Sprint conversion.
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    this is what i get for trying to be clever...

    I am on T-Mobile USA. I don't care that data will be slower than sin. I want a webOS device that will work (sans 3G even) on T-Mo. I do NOT want to pay more than about $100.

    The rest was my romance with Sprint Pre. A friend gave me his old Pre for free. None of the Sprint prepaid services will let you activate a Pre (some crap about being a "Sprint exclusive") and Sprint "main" will only let a *new* customer sign a 2yr contract. No month-to-month, no prepay. So I bought a G1 off-contract on T-Mo. I bricked it this morning. Android really isn't worth the effort and I LOVE webOS.

    Besides, aren't conversions exceedingly difficult, time consuming, disable 3G (or it doesn't work, w/e), and break every time you update?

    But thanks for the suggestion

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