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    Found on this morning.

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    The thinnest Palm mobile phone yet, the Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless is a smartphone that's designed to be easy to use and light in your pocket. In addition to high-speed connectivity on the fast and reliable Verizon Wireless 3G network, the phone's memory has been doubled to 8 GB and it comes with a built-in 3G Mobile Hotspot that can be shared via Wi-Fi among five devices--laptop, another phone, MP3 player, and more.
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    Getting my wife a spare! She has already dropped one into the tub.
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    Yeah, I was just going to post this. Really nice deal for those that want a new/replacment Pixi with no contract.
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    Thats CHEAP! Hopefully there will be some left by friday!

    EDIT: Just seen there is a timer on the top right.
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    I have a friend, not very technologically literate, that does not have internet for work.

    Can she use this as a hotspot for her laptop to get internet via buying a plan from pageplus.
    The verizon plan would be too expensive for her once you factor in the $30 for data plus the charges for phonecall ability. She will probably only use it for email and to view a few webpages so would the 50mb data that pageplus allows be enough for her?

    Would the mobile hotspot be considered minutes or would it be data?
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    hey guys, I just saw this on slickdeals. I always wanted a pre but was on verion. By the time the pre plus came out I already got a droid. I'm going to use this as my mp3 player/PMP and bypass activation. The bonus is that it works on verizon and I can keep it as a backup
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    Wow... I want one.. do I buy or not? OOGGG! $65 shipped... *sigh* I have 10 hours to think about it.
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    <<moved from Pixi to Marketplace forum>>
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    Do not shipp to Brazil!! :x

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