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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the interest in Geode stuff. It's still nice to know there are people out there like me who are using it... even though GeoDiscovery is long gone.

    Jim was nice enough to send me copies of the CDs from his archive. I have combined this with all the materials I have received and am going to offer it as a 3CD set at my cost.

    In the set you will find:
    - Maps for Western US
    - Maps for Eastern US
    - GeoDiscovery/GeoView 1.1 - 1.4beta.
    - Firmware update for Geode (1.1 - 1.4 beta)
    - Demos, trials and freeware of GPS software for Handspring

    These are offered as is. I have no idea what some things are yet or how most if it works since this collection is new to me. There is no GeoDiscovery to offer support anymore (though from what I hear they didn't do so well even when they were in operation). So, if you blow your unit up, your hosed.

    As soon as I can make room on our network for 2 gigs of storage, I will upload them. I'm in the process of creating a support group and online exchange for those of us still using these units.

    For now, since most people can't download that much stuff (and I don't want you guys to suck my T1s dry downloading these monsters), the preferred of delivery will be sneakernet via USPS.

    The 3 CD archive compilation set is $12 including shipping. That covers my time and expenses to burn copies and mail them. Once I can make room on my servers, they will be available for direct download at no charge. (Though I'm sure I'd accept any donations to defray the bandwidth costs associated with this.)

    For now, click here if you're interested:

    Order your 3 CD Geode software archive compilation

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    Once I can make room on my servers, they will be available for direct download at no charge.
    Hi Daniel!

    Were you ever able to stick the map archives on your servers?


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    Cool! I got my CDs today. But I have a question. I'm running into some instability in the software and I wonder how I can obtain the source code to debug it.

    Specifically, some maps such as Florida 2490-802.pdb will crash upon startup. There've been a lot which seem to do that, and it's my only issue so far, so hopefully I'll be able to fix that if the sources are available somehow.

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