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    Good morning and Happy New Year everyone!

    I hope this is the right thread for this and OK to post.

    I have 2 brand new Pre Plusses (Verizon), 2 car chargers, and 2 touchstones for sale. I got them through a promotion, and the promotion is over in about a week, and I can't use them (I'm on Sprint and have a Pixi, sad about the drop in speed, LOL) One phone was barely used for a week, the other was never used. Both are erased and doctored back to original. They come with the car chargers and touchstone chargers, plus doubles of three kinds of cases for them (2 leather kinds & 1 felt kind) There is also one set of corded headphones with a mic for talking as well as music listening - all accessories are palm brand. The whole package will also arrive in a fun little grey, palm tote, very cute

    I want to sell both as a package and be done with it for $300 + shipping. If you want to split up the package we can talk price.

    If interested, pvt message me and we can set up details. I'm in Seattle and will ship anywhere you are, I promise I'm also trustworthy On this forum a bunch...and even donating my third one to the webOS HomeBrew team for the guys/gals to test things on, so Rod has at least heard of me, LOL.

    Thanks everyone, Happy New Year!
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    As an update, I have sold one of the Pres, but the other Pre and all the accessories are on sale for $200 + shipping for the whole package - both touchstones, car chargers & cases. Pvt message me is interested.
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    You can sell only a pre plus + touchtones chargers?, if it's yes how is a total amount with shipping to México Zip Code 11560.
    Pay pal ?
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    hello .im also interested in buying ur pre plus...but i stay in india.
    can u ship ur pre internationally??
    sorry for my bad english
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    I'd be interested in just the pre plus shipped to San Francisco. PM me if still available. Thanks!

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