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    I'd like to turn my sprint pre into a pre plus. if someone has a bad esn pre plus in good condition please pm me.

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    heres one on ebay (theres alot) this seller though sells them without a battery, and battery cover though that way its cheap. Hes asking 100 dollars with 5 dollars shipping. He stats the condition is very good 9 out of 10.

    Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) Great Condition - eBay (item 230567411241 end time Dec-31-10 20:11:33 PST)

    hope this helps you, also ask ashi or siourtex on here and webos world they may have some laying around already converted. I did so myself (with a verizon one) and must say the plus version are a big step up from the sprints. Alot sleeker looking, better build, and faster with less lag thanks to the ram.

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