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    Just wanted to tell people on this forum about great deals on for a Pre battery, Touchstone charge dock, and Pre Touchstone cover. I got all three for $20 and $5 shipping. For comparison, the dock costs $50 and the cover costs $20 direct from HP without shipping included. Here are the links: Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi: Cell Phones & Accessories Palm Pre Touchstone Back Cover: Cell Phones & Accessories Palm Standard Battery for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Accessories
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    Powerful enough to charge all of your portable electronics using the POWER.
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    its is a pitty, that they are charging ~30 dollar for shipping to europe, would have bought a few
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    Just bought ten palm batteries for the price of 1 seido 1300, also bought a wall charger, now I can keep extras wherever, or take them out into the field or days etc.

    Good find!
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    So you're the guy who bought up all the remaining batteries...

    Just kidding! Those batteries were around $3 when I bought one, and then about 15 minutes after I put my order in they were down to $1, and now they ran out.

    At least I got the touchstone when it was at $12. Now it's at $18.

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