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    looking for a Sprint Palm Pixi or a Pre for a christmas present. I would prefer a pixi. I'm looking to get one for under $100, preferably the $60-70 range. Thanks for looking.
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    I've got a new looking (not a single scratch or crack) Pre with touchstone back and stone for sale. New price of $90.

    Its a refurb, that Sprint swapped for my original Pre. I never used it. I upgraded phones the same day, so its in the same condition. PM me if you want it. It does have oreo effect though, but with insurance you can always call in asking for a free swap.

    I also still have the original box with booklets etc.
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    I could give you mine for $100, it's 2wks old, non refurb with factory screen protector on. $130 and i'll give you a TS and two TS backs.

    Sprint Palm Pixi, let me know sir! I'll PM you my phone number
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    just bought a Palm Pre from here, thanks for the PM's though. i will update this if anything changes.

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