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    Sorry, folks, but this has been SOLD NOW and is no longer available. Thanks Bo!

    SHORT: Perfect (no cracks, scratches, or broken battery door) Sprint Palm Pre with Seidio 2600mAH battery and cover, USB Cable shipped for $90 Paypal.

    LONG: Okay, I admit it. I drank the Kool-aid and gave up my Sprint Pre in favor of the Evo 4G. It took a little getting used to it... but I'm VERY happy with the new beast. I held out as long as I could; when HPalm comes out with a killer phone next year, I'll be back on the Webos bandwagon (gotta love the Sprint 1-year upgrades!)

    Meanwhile, I'm selling my Palm Pre. I went through seven (7!) of them, and the last one I received two months ago the manager of the Sprint store gave me a grand new one right out of the box.

    I immediately put a screen protector on it before ever touching the screen, which still looks pristine. I plunked my Seidio 2600 battery and door on it, and haven't looked back.

    This phone has functioned absolutely perfectly since I go it. It has no cracks, no dings, no dents, and has never been dropped. I keep it in a padded holster and treat it better than my own children. Okay, I treat my own children like crap, but I actually LIKE my Pre!

    Anyway, I'm selling the Sprint Palm Pre with Seidio 2600mAH battery and cover (I don't have the original battery or cover any longer, lost it) and USB cable. You Paypal me $90 and I'll ship to anywhere in the continental USA at no charge.

    If you have any questions or are ready to bite, PM me...
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