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    Used, a few cracks around the LCD housing but nowhere on the actual screen. Comes with 2 battery doors, and 2 batteries. Phone is 100% functional and screen is in great condition.
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    no one?
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    clean esn? I will offer 30. Sorry for the low ball. I actually just want it for the comms board
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    are the cracks by the USB door? Do you have pics of crack?
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    clean ESN.
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    $45 takes it.
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    no one?
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    do you still have this? If so I am interested. Is one of the backs touchstone?
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    yes, one of them is touchstone.
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    I has sent a PM... can you to reply?

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    sorry, i can't ship to rio.
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    Pics? Still available?
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    also wondering if there are pics, or if you can confirm whether there is any cracking near the usb port.
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    I purchased it from him. Sorry.

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