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    Just like the title says, i have a like new in box palm pre plus that i bought a little while ago only to find out that the ESN is bad. The phone is brand new, and it shows. Comes with everything it would new. I believe that the person got the phone as a BOGO and then never paid the bill resulting in the ESN to go bad. I have no use for it, so here it is. I am a member of CB and AC and have done trades and sales on both sites. Im not sure what to post as a price so just make an offer. As far as i know it could be used on Sprint and Cricket as long as it is flashed.

    Pics below, please post AND email me to get the fastest response.

    Email: kmcguckin88@yahoo(dot)com

    toss me an email for pics as it won't let me do so without ten posts
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    NO one wants a perfect phone for cricket?
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    The Marketplace forums are a place for users to post their listings on eBay, Craigslist, etc. or for users to directly trade with each other. We do not vouch for the listings here and strongly recommend you do some research before parting with your hard-earned. Here are some suggestions:

    * Posts in the Marketplace forums are to be related to Smartphones, their accessories and software.
    * If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
    * Avoid sellers with few posts. Click on their name to see the other ads they have posted and the replies.
    * Avoid listings that do not include photos of that item.
    * Private information can't be posted in any forum. Before you pay, get the seller's information via Private Message (PM) then email and call them to verify information.
    * Never give or ask for credit card, bank account, social security, or other financial information. Consider only using PayPal or Google Checkout and only the sellers they have verified. Check their sales history. Wire transfer and online money orders are almost untraceable.
    * Use a means of shipping that provides tracking information such as USPS with delivery confirmation, FedEx or UPS. For the extra couple bucks it is worth it to both the buyer and seller.
    * See the Forum Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies for additional information.
    * Neither PreCentral or TreoCentral make any guaranty or warranty of any kind.


    There you go..

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