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    The Pixi Plus is in great condition (would give it a 9/10).

    It comes with 2 battery covers - the standard rubber cover and the induction cover to be used with the touchstone charger.

    The touchstone charger is also included.

    Will be shipped in original box.

    Have very good feedback on eBay (same name)

    Looking for $80 shipped.
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    Price dropped to $80!
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    didn't that guy linked above jump on this. it's a sweet deal for someone wanting a Pixi. In fact, you might want to contact Rod Whitby. And it would be even better if you wanted to "donate" it to his group...
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    Other seller already bought one on eBay. Really want to get this out of the way asap as I just bought another phone.
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    im interested. i was going to buy one from someone on another forum, but they have yet to respond lately. any way you could do $75?

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