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    Sprint Palm Pre.
    My old Pre had a blown speaker so they exchanged it. This phone has only been powered up at the Sprint Store. I then swapped out to a different phone that's why I am selling. It is literally "New", I have not used the phone since the exchange!!
    Also have the following:
    - Touchstone base and Rear Cover
    - Extra Rear Stock Cover
    - Extra stand-alone wall charger & Extra Battery
    - Brand New, Never Install Phantom Skinz (2 Pack)
    - (2) Belt Clips... Both are broken. 1 has a broken "locking tab" and the other has a broken spring clip on the back.
    Photos attached.
    Asking $200.00 shipped within the cont. US. (or best offer)
    Thanks, Tom
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    More than I want to spend. Thanks though...
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    try to check Ebay for a pricing reference. Users can report phones lost & get a replacement for 100$
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    I am open to offers. Let me know
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    Do you sell entire bundle or nothing?
    And do you ship abroad?
    I'd be interested in the touchstone and battery/batt charger
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    I'm interested in the rest ... the pre , battery, skins... let me know.
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    paypal addy?
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    Sold... please close.

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