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    I am moving on from sprint...

    I am selling (hopefully to a developer) both my well used Sprint Pre, and a unlocked Verizon Pre Plus, that is in mint condition. Both come with the boxes, chargers, touchstone (plus only), etc

    Looking for an offer, like I said hopefully to a developer that needs some phones to hackenstein a sprint pre into a sprint pre plus?

    Anyways, pm me and I will get back to you asap.
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    This should be in the proper forum, so expect a mod move.
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    "Unlocked" Verison Pre Plus?

    Is that code for a bad ESN???
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    LOL. What does unlock CDMA phone mean?
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    Are these good clean ESN's or not?
    I'd Be interested in both if so?
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    send a PM to Jason or Rod. I know they are looking for some devices to frankenpre
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    Quote Originally Posted by bodyshop View Post
    Are these good clean ESN's or not?
    I'd Be interested in both if so?
    i have a mint in box verizon palm pre plus with new in box palm holster and touchstone kit and new in box zagg invisibleshield and esn is clear
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    The Verizon Pre Plus is unactivated with first use bypass, and was direct from Palm. Sorry for the unlocked confusion.
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    $200 shipped or best offer. You can reference the Palm Developer site for details on first use bypass phones.

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