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    I've looked a little on ebay, but thought I'd reach out to my friends at Precentral.

    I was setting up our brand new/used Christmas tree when the dang tree fell over and smashed the screen of my wife's pixi (see pic). The screen won't respond now so the phone is pretty much useless. Does anyone know where I can get a new Pixi for cheap? Had I known this would have happened, I wouldn't have bought presents for her. I can't afford a brand new $300+ phone.

    Anyone with thoughts? Ideas? Pixi's for sale?

    Thank you
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    that must be a HUGE tree to be able to crush a phone.
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    It's a fake tree. The hard middle part, before any of the branches had been put on, toppled over. One of the metal parts went directly into the phone. I feel horrible.
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    Hey, that's great. I appreciate it! I'll be cruising ebay for a while until I can find something good.

    If there's anyone else that might be trying to get rid of an extra Pixi, please let me know as well.

    Thank you
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    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 755p -> Pixi -> Pre -> Pixi -> Sprint Pixi Plus Hybrid -> Pre -> Epic 4G
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    I also have a Pixi with brand new Touchstone accessories.

    Pixi is 2wks used, factory screen protector on w/ tab cut off. no scuffs anywhere.

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    Sprint replaced the wife's pixi when her screen was cracked for free. Of course it was not tree related....
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    All is well! Thanks a lot everyone. I took the phone to the Sprint store and they fixed it for $35 plus tax. Woo!

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