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    I'm looking for a PALM PRE on SPrint that was PLUSed - converted from a Verizon Plus or AT&T plus. Will pay via Paypal. WIll also trade my SPrint PRE for a discount on the Sprint PLUS.
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    I am also interested in this. Anyone?
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    I have one I just did. It's from a brand new AT&T plus, everything is working great. Could even load it up with webos 2 if interested. I'm not really sure what to ask for it, but with yesterday's announcement I'm ready to move on.
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    If anyone is still looking for this to be done, I have no problem setting it up for you. I've done a couple for other users, and have finished 4 others for friends and my brother and sister. PM me with any questions.
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    I have one running on the At&t handset; works flawlessly but I'd like to run 2.0. Any advice on a forum to do this? I'm sorta familiar with metadoctor but definitely need some help.

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