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    I am selling my Pre Plus. It is completely unlocked to use on any network with the USA app catalog. It comes with 2 touchstones and is well looked after.
    I will post this anywhere in the world to the winner.

    Auction is at Palm Pre Plus Mobile Phone - eBay (item 170565143518 end time Nov-16-10 15:25:09 PST) .

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    Apple iPhone (before it was a fashion accessory) -> Palm Pre (O2 UK) -> Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)
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    This is the accessory list from eBay. I know I sound a bit stupid in some spots, but it is ebay....

    Included are a whole range of accessories:
    2 x Palm Touchstone Wireless Charging Docks
    These are wireless charging stations. NO MORE CABLES!!!!!! Just sit the phone on the dock and it will begin charging wirelessly.
    2 x Spare Batteries
    *************** With interchangeable batteries, you will not have to worry about being short of power.
    1 X Spare Battery Charger.
    *************** Will charge the spare batteries without tying your phone to the desk.
    *1 x Touchstone Back Cover
    *************** This is how the phone charges wirelessly. In a nice matte black finish.
    2 x Wall chargers
    These will charge the phone through the USB port when you are travelling, or can be connected to the Touchstone docks to provide wireless charging. One is an Australian charger, and the other is UK and I will include and AUS adapter.
    2x Micro USB Cables.
    For synchronising with your computer or charging from a computer USB port.
    1 x Original Palm Back Cover (Non-Touchstone)
    1 x Original Palm Soft Case
    Original Box & Manuals.
    Apple iPhone (before it was a fashion accessory) -> Palm Pre (O2 UK) -> Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

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