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    Does anyone know a good place to get a Treo 270 without paying $700???? I think thats a bit crazy. Anyway, i am already a t-mobile user, so a new contract isn't goinf to happen...

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    I'll sell you mine.... it's relatively new, used for about 2.5 weeks. Comes with cradle, belt holster, 3 extra stylii, it's not even registered, comes with original boxes and manuals. Make me an offer.
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    you have a pm...

    anyone else????
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    what's a pm?
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    personal message. i sent it a few min ago..
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    you have a pm
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    anyone else? Still looking
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    hey i can't make it to the phone........let's discuss the deal here, what do you have to trade?
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    I don't really know what I have to trade, are you wanting something to replace your treo? I do have a visor-neo I will be retiring with his deal, want it? btw, where are you?
    Anything in particular you are looking for?
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    anything electronics, a guitar.
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    how about a motorola pagewriter 2000x, its a 2way pager for skytel....
    or, i can buy you a lot of stuff electronics. cellphone accessories, home audio equipment, certian home theatre stuff, digital cameras, universal remote controls.
    Anything interest you?
    why don't I just ask you your price, how much do you want for your treo?
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    still trying to find a 270, anyone know where or who I can get one?
    please email at if you would like...

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