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    Hey guys, I'm putting my T-Mobile Vibrant up for sale. I've had the phone since launch day and it is in absolute mint condition.

    The only change I've made to the phone hardware is that I"ve custom wrapped faux carbon fiber vinyl around the "purple" spare battery door ala
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    quite a nice texture to the phone and gives a better grip with a case off.

    On the software side of the phone, It has been reverted back to the shipped rom and OTA updated to JI6 and factory wiped; to give you a clean slate to work with.

    It has also been carrier unlocked via T-Mobile SIM Unlock Request, so no hacked unlock code. I can provide the unlock code again to buyer at their request. The interesting thing about the Vibrant is that it's comms board is capable of working with both T-Mobile and AT&T's 3G Frequencies once unlocked, so you get high speed internet anywhere that either have the data coverage. Will also work overseas at 1X speeds if so desired.

    The phone will sell with Handset, Wall Charger, USB Cable, Earphones, G9 Battery, Both Battery Doors, 8GB Class 4 Micro SD Card, Manuals, Unused T-Mobile SIM Card, as well as the 3 phone cases pictured.

    I am open to trades but only for a mint Iphone 4 16/32+cash on my part.

    I am asking $425 shipped with insurance for the phone anywhere in the continental US, elsewhere will cost a bit more. Feel free to contact me via PM or at **. I check both regularly so I should be able to respond fairly quickly. Thank you. -JC
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