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    I'm switching back to Pre from iPhone. I'm looking for a Pre Plus for AT&T in great condition. It's OK if it has some signs of use, but screen should be perfect. Let me know what you have and how much you are asking for it.
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    I may be selling mine soon.

    My main reasons for a smartphone is camera, GPS navigation, Browser with Flash, Music Player. The Pre 2 may be closer to what I need, Pre Plus falls a little short.

    I am the second owner. The phone is in excellent condition, the only flaw is a crease in the micro usb cover. There are no scratches on the screen, its had a screen protector on all its life.

    Comes with original box, usb cable, charging plug, leather sleeve, an extra battery (ebay) and a couple extra screen protectors.

    I don't have a lot of history here on PC, since I've only owned the phone for about a month.

    PM me, we can discuss price and I can send pics if you need them.
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    Found something.

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