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    Hey guys, unfortunately I've got to sell my Pre and the stuff I have with it. I would really like to sell it altogether instead of picking it apart, but we'll see how it goes, I guess. If there are enough people willing to buy the stuff separately, then I'll sell it separately.

    Phone + Accessories Bundle Includes:
    • Used Sprint Palm Pre - No headphone jack problems, micro usb door still in act, power button flawless, no keyboard problems, veeeeeeery light scratches on th screen that you can't see unless you hold it at the right angle with the screen off, one tiny tiny hairline scratch on a corner, tiny piece of paint chipped off roller ball, battery included, original box and pouch included, headphones are not included.
    • 2 extra standard Palm batteries
    • 1 Seidio 2600 w/Extended Back - Note, the Seidio is really a 2300 that they stuck a 2600 tag on and the words Seidio on the back have peeled off like basically all the other ones
    • 2 Touchstones w/Touchstone Backs - original box included
    • 1 Standard Palm Wall Charger
    • 1 International Palm Charger - For U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, or Argentina. It automatically adjusts for 100–240 voltage and has automatic frequency adjustment. Includes convertor to be used with Centro and original box.
    • 1 OEM Palm Car Charger - includes original box and cable

    Pricing (All Prices Include Domestic Shipping w/Tracking or Delivery Confirmation):
    Phone + Accessories Bundle = $240
    Phone (Includes 1 battery, No Charger) = $115
    Accessories Bundle = $135
    Individual Accessories:
    - Touchstones: 1 each for $20 or both for $30
    - Seidio: $40
    - Standard Batteries - $15 for both
    - International Charger - $30
    - Regular Charger - $15
    - Car Charger - $15

    Payment Methods:
    - Paypal
    - Google Checkout
    - You Have a Special Circumstance and Will Work With Me
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    Oh yeah, if you want the phone and some of the accessories, we can work out a cheaper deal for those, too. Basically, just PM me an offer and we'll see if we can work something out, I can be pretty flexible.
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    I sent reply... any word on the touchstones??
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    Ah, sorry! Well, I'm trying to get someone to buy the phone (elsewhere on line and irl) first, cause if I can't sell the phone, then I'll have to keep some of the accessories until I get everything situated. Now that I think about, I probably should have waited until I could find someone to buy the phone and then posted the accessories, sorry about that. I wasn't really thinking rationally when I made this post. :/ I'll probably get a mod to close/delete this thread in a couple of days if I'm still having trouble. Sorry everyone.
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