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    I'm selling 2 Sprint Palm Pre's that I received as replacements. Neither has anything wrong with it. Mine was replaced a month a half ago through Asurion. The other was replaced through warranty repair about a month ago. I'm selling them because the person with the other phone on my account finally got fed up with dealing with Sprint customer service, and wanted to leave them entirely. I was getting fed up, so I cancelled my service as well.

    Neither have balances, and both are ready to be activated as soon as you receive them. I also have the original boxes that the first Palm Pre's I purchased came in.

    The 3 batteries are just that, 3 genuine Palm Pre batteries.

    the dual charger is one that will sit your phone up and charge it through the micro usb port, it will also charge an additional batter in the back. I've had it for 5 or 6 months and it's worked great the entire time.

    I'm asking $125 each for the Pre's, $30 for the charger, and $20 each for the batteries.
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    Also, forgot to mention that this comes with everything that's standard in the new packaging including the wall chargers for both, with the usb cable.
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    not much of a deal there on anything,,all listed above you can get brand new for the same or cheaper. Paid 30 bucks for a brand new mugen1400 battery.
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    Aww, thanks. I actually didn't think to check out current prices on anything, cuz I didn't have the time. I just put down less than what I paid for them.

    I checked out prices and I will lower the charger to $15 and batteries to $10 each. (P.S. there's a difference between OEM and third party, but thanks for the input and the negativity!)

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