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    unlocked ?
    Sprint Palm Pre/Verizon Pre Plus On Sprint/Sprint Pixi Hybrid with WIFI
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    The page says CDMA/EVDO, but "locked to O2". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't O2 a GSM carrier?

    Doesn't make much sense. I wonder if you can carrier-unlock a GSM Pixi.
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    <<thread moved to correct forum>>
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    It is GSM. unfortunately ebay's auto fill does not have a option for the GSM Pixi varients and this was an oversight on my behalf. sorry for the confusion. For those people interested it is locked with o2 but will work fine on a giffgaff sim or will work with a rebel sim.

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    sh!t, just bought one yesterday!!1would have loved to get one from a precentral member instead of mr anonymous ebay guy!!!
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    great timing, o2 just announced you can a payg one for 109
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    Now sold, Thanks guys.

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