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    Hey WebOS folks.

    I'm looking to buy a used Sprint Palm Pre in decent condition. I'm looking to pay $100-150 depending on the condition of the phone, and if you have a touchstone charger, I'll pay an extra $20.

    Like new condition Pre + Touchstone = $170.
    Used Pre with some scuffs = $100

    I know I have no posts, but I recently came into the WebOS market - with Sprint relaxing the phone restrictions on SERO accounts, I can finally buy one and keep a still relatively cheap plan.

    I've been on windows mobile for the last few years, so you can find me to be more active on the PPCGeeks forum, and I may be able to find a reference or two if the are still active.

    Anyways, I would need to confirm the ESN is clean before payment, but I would pay (Paypal) before shipment. Also, I would really like to see a pic or 2 of the phone before payment.

    Let me know if you are interested, thanks!
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    I sent you pm about my Pre and accessories for sale with my email for easier communication. If you don't get it, I will check this forum tomorrow morning.
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    I'm selling my Sprint Pre.

    It is in reasonable shape, it has a crack from the usb door. I suspect you may want a spare battery, it holds a charge with fairly heavy use for about 6 - 8 hours.

    Sprint is offering very little for the trade-in.

    Pre + Car Charger $50.

    Pre, Car Charger, Piel Frama Case $70.

    Shipping by USPS, priority mail $5.

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    Do you have a picture of the USB door crack?
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    It's a bit fuzzy, but I enlarged it so you can somewhat see. The crack really does not extend much onto the viewable area.

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    I also have a pre with touchstone available. I put a skinz screen protector on it since day one. I have the pre, touchstone, cable, original back panel, airrave and boxes. I got a new company phone and I just canceled my contract. Let me know if you are interested.

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    did you say airrave?
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    I have a replacement pre never used or activated.
    $175 shipped for phone charger and new in box touchstone.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Quote Originally Posted by churro View Post
    did you say airrave?
    Yes, I think thats the correct name. All I know is that it plugs into my router and gives me a full signal.
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    Thanks for all the offers!
    I have a purchase in progress with nmoreman.
    Best of luck!
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I received my Palm Pre from user nmoreman. The transaction was fast, professional, and my Pre is working great. My Pre came as described, and activated just fine once I switched over to a SERO Premium plan. User nmoreman quickly provided me with pictures whenever I asked for them, and was honest and up front from the beginning.

    Anyone who does a future transaction with user nmoreman should do so with the utmost confidence.

    Thanks nmoreman.

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    I would like to add qbunnie will be a good asset to these forums. His fast and professional dealings allowed this transaction to occur - great communication, fast payment, and feedback.

    So if you have any dealings with him in the future as he endeavors to learn
    the WebOs system, you will enjoy the interaction.

    Thanks for the sale.
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    should use heatware......

    how much for that airave?

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