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    It has been rooted and is running CM6 vanilla obviously you can get any rom you desire

    it comes with a red, orange, blue, black, white and purple hard cases and a white and blue soft "gel" cases. also includes a 2600mAh battery and two 1500mAh batteries with a wallcharger. the 2600mAh battery comes with a custom battery cover. a 4gb sd card will be included if i can find it otherwise a 2gb is installed right now

    phone it self has a skinomi screen protector and has minor scratches on the right side. it is 100% functional

    i am asking $180 shipped priority usps mail with delivery confirmation

    price is completely negotiable

    wife wants a sprint palm pre (100% functioning of course)

    so a trade plus cash or something for one is wanted

    will come with stock rom so you can activate then do what you wish
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    FYI - I just went from Pre to Hero, rooted it first, then couldn't activate, had to go back to stock. This is just in to be sure the buyer knows - I didn't.

    If you are looking for Pre for wife, I have one for sale - I exchanged mine under insurance then went Hero.

    Brand new in box with 2 Touchstones, Palm back, Seido Wall Charger, 4 extra batteries (2 Centro), and used Zagg shield (can go to Kiosk or Best Buy and get new free one installed for $5 or so. All boxes and paperwork.

    This is brand new, no scratches, no problems (checked screen, slider, pixels, etc.)

    Send email to if you are interested.

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    gotta go back to a rom with stock dialer then you can flash whatever you want

    thanks for reminding me i had to go through that to activate for wife
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