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    My Pre may have bit the dust. I am going to try to doctor it, but if that does not work, I'll be in need of a new phone. Anyone out there have one?
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    I have a brand new one in box (exchanged under insurance) with 2 Touchstones, Pre back, Seido wall charger, cables, and 4 extra batteries.

    It has Preware and extras loaded. I will reset to factory default, leave on to see if it can be activated under your account (questionable), and provide you
    with esn if you want to check that its clean and clear.

    Asking $195 shipped USPS Priority to you.

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    have a new (insuranse exchange) pre and accessories.
    1 new touch stone + back
    2 batteries
    $175 shipped... Or pick up in ATL
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    I have a Pre, with special Pre car charger and Piel frama Case for $70 + $5 shipping by USPS Priority. It works fine.

    I switched to an Epic and I get very little on the trade-back from Sprint, so I would rather it go to someone who can use it.

    It has a small crack at usb door. It does not affect the visual, as it is mostly on the side.

    My Pre in its Case:

    Crack at usb door:

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