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    We have <sadly> moved on to something with more reliable hardware.

    For sale are:
    2 touchstone chargers with cords - $20/each
    1 piel frama flip case in saddle colored leather - $30
    1 Sprint car charger (for Pre) - $10
    1 Palm black leather side open case that clips to belt - $10

    Please make an offer, I prefer not to use ebay.

    We also have the 2 Pres, although I doubt anyone would want either as a primary phone. Both are from launch day.
    One is cracked by usb door, but works well. Probably needs a new battery because it does not hold a charge more than 4 hours with moderate use.
    The other is missing usb door and has an issue with frequent resetting and intermittent data reception.

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    You can PM with questions or for pics.
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    I have the original box and all the parts for it.
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    Still available:
    Piel Frama Case $30
    Sprint Car V=Charger for Pre $10

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