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    I recently bought a visorphone here from 4wheeler who sent it to Australia for me. Now that I have confirned that it works ok im looking for some more. I want to supply them to visor users here. They are no longer sold in Australia since the Treo was launched. Is anyone able to sell some to me.??? ( thanks to 4wheeler who is looking, but only after he gets one for himself )

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    i have one that i am willing to sell contact me at
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    I guess this means you can't buy from in the US?

    They're $99 (after instant $100 rebate) here
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    I guess this means you can't buy from in the US?
    If I was to do that it would end up costing me in excess of $200.00AUD and im pretty sure the rebate does not apply internationally.

    thanks for the suggestion tho
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    You got a PM
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    if you are interested i will sell my visor phone contact me at
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    I have a Visor Phone already updated with the Handspring patch that I am more than willing to sell since getting my Treo 270.

    Contact me at
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