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    ***AT&T Palm Pre Plus***
    ***Unlocked To Work On T-Mobile 2G EDGE***

    Up for sale is an Excellent Condition AT&T Palm Pre Plus. I only had the phone for about a month now and never used it. I just took it out the box and got it unlocked to work on T-Mobile which was my mobile provider at the time. A couple of days after I received the phone and paid $40 extra to get it unlocked my family and I switched over to verizon so I no longer need this phone as it only accepts sim cards and cannot work on Verizon's network.

    The AT&T Palm Pre Plus is different from the original Sprint Palm Pre because it comes with double the memory at 512MB as opposed to the Sprint's 256MB...And this Pre Plus also comes with double the internal memory at 16GB of internal storage for songs, pictures, movies, etc., as opposed to the Sprint's Pre at 8GB. The only difference between the AT&T and Verizon Palm Pre Plus is that the AT&T version uses sim cards and is able to be unlocked to work on other sim card networks, the Verizon can't and doesn't accept sim cards. But since I am Verizon now I will be getting the Pre Plus soon.

    The phone is in Excellent physical condition I would rate it a 10 out of 10 because I've never used the phone and only took it out to have it unlocked. Still has the factory screen protector applied and there are absolutely no scratches on the screen or any part of the phone at all. The battery works perfect, the screen has absolutely no scratches, camera works perfectly, the keyboard and all it's keys all work perfectly, the ear piece, mic, speaker, everything works perfectly. Comes with the box and all other accessories as if you were buying it at the store.

    ***BONUS, THE PHONE IS ALSO UNLOCKED!!!!!*** What does this mean? Unlocked means that the sim card slot has been unlocked to also accept T-Mobile sim cards. Although this phone works on 3G speeds with AT&T, if you use T-Mobile's sim card you will only be getting 2G EDGE speeds which is still pretty decent.

    Not that many unlocked pre plus's being sold so snatch this up quickly!!!

    Thanks for looking. Please e-mail me if there are any questions, I will respond ASAP

    YOU GET:
    1. Excellent Condition Brand New In Opened Box AT&T Palm Pre Plus
    2. Charger
    3. Battery
    4. USB data cable for transfer files between phone and computer, or to use to charge the phone through your computer
    5. Box
    6. User guide plus extra pamphlets
    7. Headphones
    8. Case

    Looking for $330 Shipped to anywhere in the US or best offer, please do no lowball and THANKS for looking

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    You do realize you can buy this phone new out of contract from AT&T for $300 right? It's not that hard to unlock it either.
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    Heh, I saw this on ebay the other day!

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