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    What else can I say?

    "It is what it is." Or, in this case, "They are what they are."

    A car charger and wall charger that will work for Palm Pre.

    I got them bundled with something else that I needed. I don't need duplicates of these, as I already have both. Great for leaving at your office/work locker, in your car, boyfriend/girlfriend's place, etc.

    $10 for both, USPS parcel post shipped included, US only.

    PayPal is preferred.

    PM with intent to purchase.
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    considering that you can get genuine sprint and verizon chargers for no more money you might just give them to a neighbor or hold them for when friends lose their chargers. The micro-usb is becoming common so I find others that can use the cheap aftermarket chargers I bought when I first got my pre.

    they work with my wife's dumbphone, etc. So I'm glad I kept them.

    just a suggestion.
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    "Well, alrighty, then."

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    Offer rescinded. Check eBay in a few days.

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