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    I've got a Treo 180. I like it, but really don't like the keyboard.

    If anyone has a 180g they would like to trade for, or has a 180g they would like to sell - please drop me a line.

    My Treo has been way lightly used in the month I've had it, screen is perfect, no scratches or wear anywhere on the device, everything is still here, it's not yet registered _but_ the quick start guide is a little crinkled as it managed to be on my car seat when it rained... with my sunroof open and me nowhere around, of course.

    OTOH - if someone would like to trade a Treo 270 for a Sony N760C I've got one with a ABS hardcase, 64 MB memory stick, chamelon stylus and all the docs & such. Works wonderfully and the screen is in perfect condition, screen protector on it from day one.

    Works great - I realize I'm hardly going to use it with a Treo in my pocket now instead...

    See Ya'll later.
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