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    Hi everyone,

    I've decided to sell my "Smartphone Experts Ultra Slim Pocket Pouch" (<-- click link for description and user reviews).

    It's in perfect condition because I think I've only left the house with it once or twice. There are no scratches or wear or tear on it whatsoever. It works perfectly - the Pre fits in like a glove and offers excellent protection.

    The reason I'm selling it is because, well, I need the money and my pants have a pocket built into them that are perfect for the Pre, so I end up not using the case. It seems to me like the case would be far more useful to people that don't have a dedicated phone pocket, or place their phone in their purse.

    If you're interested, I'm selling it via Paypal for $15, and I'll throw in some free shipping. I'll send within a day - actually, as soon as I see the transaction pop up in my Paypal I'll hit the post office and send it out (assuming it's not closed or Sunday!). I'll include package tracking as well.

    Send me a PM if you're interested.

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