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    I'm looking for a functional clean ESN Sprint Pre for my fiance. Her Instinct is starting to go in the toilet and Sprint is only giving me $75 towards a trade in, making a Pre from them costing over $300. It doesn't have to look perfect, scratches are not a problem since I can probably get rid of them. Just as long as it works and comes with some sort of charger. I can't afford much, at most I can afford $75 plus shipping, so if you can help me out I'd appreciate it.

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    bump, still look for this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stroven Taulrok View Post
    bump, still look for this
    I've got one in reasonable condition (can send pics) with a clean ESN. I moved over to an Epic.
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    Awesome, please send pics to
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    Still looking for a Used Sprint Pre.
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    Nevermind, since I can't find a Pre at a price I'm willing to pay then I'll drop some real cash toward newer hardware.
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    I've bought my best used Pre here, but have also purchased a couple from 'craigslist'.

    Never paid more than a $100.00 for any of them, and all came w/ an assortment of cases, chargers, usb's, and even some Touchstone. Just make sure they are willing to meet w/ you at a Sprint store. Lately, there are some good deals as the Evo and Epic start to become more available @ Sprint stores.. (because they're all sold out)

    Hope you stick around.

    Btw: basementbeats? Producer or dj or just a cool name?
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    Look @ this...

    50 bucks, 70 w/ extended battery, shipped.
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    Thanks for the info, sadly craigs list around my area shows very little of Palm Pre around here. The ones that are available in my area are at minimum $150, and thats just the phone and whatever came in the stock box.

    I'll usually have them send me the ESN before I make the purchase so I can call Sprint and check it out.

    Yeah, basementbeats was my podcast from loooooong ago, hehe.

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