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    I really don't know what they're called, but I lost both of the cloth covers that came with my Sprint Pres (we have two in the house). I have no idea where to get them from, so if anyone has one or two and isn't using them, I'm willing to pay! Any reasonable price will be considered.

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    I still have mine I will send it to you for the cost of shipping
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    you can get them from ebay and
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    thank you xobx! I will send a PM.

    workerb - I checked both today and did not see them, but I will look again.

    thanks for the replies.

    EDIT: found em.

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    I have one available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NABRIL15 View Post
    I have one available.
    Thanks. I just bought two on eBay, so I really don't need anymore. I do appreciate the offer though.

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    Somebody in another thread called them "sleeping bags." I like that.

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