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    I have a mint condition Pre Plus for VZW that I am looking to get rid of. It has been inactive for going 6 weeks now ever since I switched to Sprint and got the EVO. I originally got it back in June of this year brand new. Included with the phone is the original box with ESN sticker intact, pouch, earbuds, USB AC adapter, micro USB cable and documentation. The ESN is clear and I will provide it upon request as I highly recommend verifying it with VZW for your own peace of mind before committing to it.

    I'm looking to trade for Sprint hardware, MP3 player, other misc stuff... I HATE PayPal and refuse to use their services so actually selling this thing would probably be pretty hard to do.

    PM me with any inquiries. I will also send pics on request since my post count isn't high enough to put pics in this post itself.
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    hmmm, I've got a 16gb Sansa View and a 20gb creative Zen Touch. I'm trying to think of anything else cool and small I could throw in if you are interested. Maybe a portable usb HDD?

    I'd love to get your Pre Plus if I you are interested.
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    with the thread here on precentral forums, I think you won't have too hard of a time finding some one interested in taking it off your hands.....
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    I have a Sprint Pre. Please let me know if you would be interested in trading.

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