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    Gently used refurb Pre. Got from Sprint about a month ago. Screen is clean and relatively scratch-free. No chips. No nicks. No oreo twisting. Comes with great battery that doesn't lose power when keyboard is shut. USB door is intact. Been kept in Palm pouch. It has two official Palm wall chargers, and an official Palm car charger so you never have to worry about battery life. Comes with that, battery, and Palm-branded pouch. Perfect for those here looking to replace a worn Pre and having no insurance. Or even if you do, for $20 more than the standard deductible, you get several more chargers including a car charger.

    Asking $120 + shipping (USPS Priority mail should be relatively cheap). Email me at
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    Heck, make it $105 w/shipping.
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    where will you be shipping it from?

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    Georgia. Feel free to hit up my email above to discuss this further, thanks.
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    sent you pm

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