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    Mods, forgive me if this is in the wrong place! I swear I looked for the right area.

    Anyway, I have a Palm Pre (Sprint) for sale and will provide with it:

    -a touchstone
    -an additional original Palm Pre battery
    -an extended Seidio 1350mah battery
    -both matte and polished battery covers (polished is in mint condition with a Phantom skin, matte one has a few blemishes
    -Wall charger with USB cable
    -Palm Pre headphones
    -Original Palm Pre carrying case
    -Palm Pre box
    -Touchstone box
    -Phantom skin cover for both screen and battery cover

    All for $199 obo. Phone and accessories included is originally over $500.
    Email me/PM if you or someone you know is interested. Precentral Username
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    I am willing to sell individual accessories as well if anyone is interested in just a few things and not the whole package.
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    sent you a PM, assuing clean ESN and good condition phone (only minor scuffs and no scratches on screen)
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    i want to get wall charger how much?
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    Hey guys, I just realized a few of you have sent me PM's and I'm very sorry but I didn't get email notifications and have just read them. If anyone is still interested please email me directly, caramelcarebr @ << no spaces
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