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    If anyone has a leftover Sprint Pre- comm board or two they were going to toss out, I can probably use them.
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    Same goes for any GSM comm boards (ie- comm boards from the unlocked AT&T pre's). I could definitely use a few of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendubus View Post
    So, now that I'm parting out the phone I have these bits available: The Comms Board, OEM battery, the rear panel (if I don't hear back from lbmh,) the phone's body (with cracked screen,) charger, Touchstone(s,) and the original AT&T retail box. PM me your offers.

    I still have a TouchPad, but in terms of phones, I'm off to WP7 pastures, wish me luck. My Dell Venue Pro is already in the mail.

    Hi Nintendubus,

    Do you still have the pre3?

    (pm'ed too)
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    Hi guys, looking for 2 pre- complete front panels including LCD and 6 torx screws to hold the phones together, failing that maybe a couple of verizon +'s to put GSM comm boards into.

    I'm in UK.
    Proud webOS supporter!
    My Palm history: Vx, Centro, Pre-, Pre 2, Veer, Pre 3, Touchpad 32Gb & Panda Veer
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    Hey guys, I have an old Sprint Pre for sale and some other random stuff.

    The Sprint Pre comes with the comm board, but I am unsure whether or not it is functional. It DOES NOT come with the 6 torx screws or the volume rocker button.

    I have a non-touchstone Pre back (the glossy one). It's pretty scratched up.

    I also have 2 used, Palm batteries for sale and the Palm phone pouch. $10 + shipping takes all of it or I can send out the comm board for free if buyer pays shipping.

    Pics below:

    PM me for any questions. Thanks guys.
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    Turns out the things really don't like train platforms.

    I have a fully functional GSM Pre 3 complete with box, manual, UK charger, battery, touchstone-compatible back, battery. It's a little over 6 months, but under a year old. The screen, alas, is cracked in a fairly terminal manner.

    I also have a working touchstone base.

    I'm open to offers on any or all of these. Happy to split for parts (assuming I can still lay my hands on my trusty Torx set).

    PM me with offers on all of it, some of it, and anything in between.
    I can update with photos if wanted.
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    Sent you a PM
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    I'll be dismantling the Pre 3 this weekend. Shout if you want any parts. Just to reiterate: everything works, I just smashed the front glass.
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    If anyone out there has an UNOPENED, UNUSED Palm OEM headset (3422WW) that came with the phone for the Palm Pre- (Sprint), I'd like to take it off your hands. I'm looking for at least 2. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Anyone have a GSM Pre plus comm board?

    Please PM me.
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    Hi all, I need the power button for a Pre- and the small contact under it.
    It can give my pre a second life.
    PM me if you have this spare part.
    I'm in Italy.

    Thank you
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    Anyone has 1 or 2 GSM Boards to sell or trade for?
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