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    I'm looking for a volume key cover. Just the plastic bit, dropped my vzw plus and the volume key went flying and vanished. Anyone have a source?
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    I have just about any part you would want for any model Pre or Pre +. I don't have the time to check the operation or functionality of everything individually, but I will warranty every item I sell with either a replacement or a refund. I also have several Sprint Pre's , all in working order and most have clean ESN's I will check the ESN before I ship any Sprint or Verizon device to make sure you get a clean one. I do have a couple of Verizon Pre +'s which I will sell as is no guarantee or warranty

    Only things I am in short supply of are camera/audio boards for the Pre/Pre + and GSM comms boards. Also am in short supply of any part specific to just the Pre 2.

    PM me if you need something and please make an offer for it at the same time.
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    EDIT: I purchased one. Thanks!

    I am looking for a cdma radio antenna plate. The GPS and cell pigtails need to be undamaged.

    I also have Att comm boards. I have a pre2 with a shattered screen. I also have a lightly used pre plus on Att.
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    Hello every body,
    unfortunatly, my pre 2 fall down, face on the floor and the screen cracked. It fully works but, it's quite impossible to read text under the spiderweb.
    So, my question is : where can I find a replacement screen ? I live in France.

    Thank you for reading and maybe answering !

    Moe 333
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    Hi Moe 333,

    Hopefully you can find some parts in this thread. Otherwise, check the main Marketplace forum this thread is in.
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    I'm looking to buy the plastic volume buttons for my Pre+ as well. Mine just fell off in my hands about a week ago and my phone isn't under warranty anymore.

    Anyone have a source?
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    Hi all,

    I am looking for front part or the palm pre plus with digitizer display.

    I would prefer the whole part as I am not sure if I would be able to glue the lcd to the case. However, if the whole part is not available, I would also be interested in just the lcd panel.

    my wife accidentally dropped my pre plus gsm in water. I disassembled the phone and dried it and it seemed to be ok, except there was water on the lcd display. When i tried to remove also the display, i broke the screen and now it doesn't work any more

    I live in Poland and buying on ebay is not that easy for me, as many sellers from the US don't send abroad

    Please help...
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    Quote Originally Posted by troymiller View Post
    I am looking for a cdma radio antenna plate. The GPS and cell pigtails need to be undamaged.

    I also have Att comm boards. I have a pre2 with a shattered screen. I also have a lightly used pre plus on Att.
    PM sent.
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    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    any back doors without touchstone
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
    any back doors without touchstone
    I may have a non touchstone door. Name your price.
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    Anyone selling gsm pre- for parts(unlocked)?I need fully working pre- it doesnt matter in what condition it is.My pre- digitizer isn't working,the volume down key isnt working too,the slider is pretty bad and I loose connection to the operator and I can't make calls.I am from Bulgaria so someone from europe would be better,my Pre is O2 German QWERTZ.Thanks in advice!(Sorry for the bad English)
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    I need a working GSM comm board for the Pre series. Would preferred unlocked, ATT will work though. PM me.
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    hey if anyone here can get me a pre 2 (for cheap) ill give all the parts from my pre- away for free (just pay shipping if needed) exept the coms board tho cuz i meed ot to make the fraken pre =D
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    I am looking for a Power Button also - MINE FELL OFF
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    Just throwing it out here - I have a Verizon Pre Plus that is complete except for its 3G modem not working that I'll sell for $50 shipped USPS priority mail.

    $40 if local in DC/metro area. Send PM
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    Looking for camera volume flex board for Pre 2.

    The picture bellow is for Pre but parts are similar although not interchangeable . . .

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    Not sure if this thread is still active but I have a Sprint FrankenPre Plus and parts from the remaining Sprint Pre (just purchased a Veer). If anyone is interested in parts or a complete phone PM me. All reasonable offers will be considered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
    any back doors without touchstone

    I have 3 or 4 laying around. PM me and I can get one to you if still needed.
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    I have a ton of parts left over from the Sprint Pre+ and FrankenPre conversions I've done. PM me if you need anything specific, and I'll see if I can help.
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    I still need one of those behind-the-battery case screws for my Pre-... could anyone snailmail me one?

    Would highly appreciate it

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