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    I have the following items for sale / trade:

    (1) Minstrel S Wireless Modem and Charger Asking for $29

    The lowest current GoAmerica plan is $9.95/month

    (2) Targus Stowaway Keyboard Asking for $49

    (3) Visor USB HotSync Cradle $19

    (4) Visor Platinum faceplate, including front, back, springmodule cover, battery cover, screws, buttons Asking for $29

    Get all of the above for $100

    I'm located in Canada. Will ship by Air Parcel ($7) or ExpressPost ($9) Accept PayPal

    I'm looking for:

    (1) Magellan GPS Companion


    (2) Memplug CF / SM Card Adapter


    (3) Visor serial hotsync cable or cradle
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