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    I've recently moved to Australia and brought my German Palm Pre, plus accessories with me. Now it looks like I will be jumping ship to another OS and am looking to sell my Palm Pre stuff.

    This is what's included:

    1 x Palm Pre (activated in Germany, has full access to all apps available in Germany, bought in April, the phone is in great condition and works flawlessly, has a ZAGG guard on it, which I can remove if you want me to)
    1 x TS backcover
    1 x TS and charger (has a German power plug, so you will need to have an AUS adapter, they sell for appx 11A$)
    2 x microUSB cables (one short, one long)
    1 x car charger (bought in Germany and never used, but am assuming it works with Australian cars)
    1 x original PalmPre leather pouch
    1 x original Palm earphones with mic
    1 x original PalmPre battery (still going strong)
    1 x spare battery (bought on Ebay, roughly same capacity as original battery)

    Currently, the phone has a whole bunch of paid apps on it (games, wifi syncing, quick dial, etc), which I could offer in addition (if this is at all possible).

    I can also offer a white Palm Centro, with original battery and charger. I usually used it to keep my spare batteries charged and ready to go.

    Make a reasonable offer (preferably via PM) and the phone, plus extras could be yours. This is only for interested buyers from Australia or NZ. Payment can be via PayPal or direct deposit. Shipping will be via Australia Post.
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    Might ask Rod? Not sure if he is in need of a German Pre or not.

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    Right you are, I should get on to that.
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    Sorry, I should have mentioned this, but this will only be sold in a set.
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    I know I'm very late to the party, but I'm guessing this has been sold? I'm after a Pre, preferably here in Oz (and works with Optus 3G).

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