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    Anyone interested in buying my Treo 270 without SIM card?

    This is a new replacement from early August.
    It does have a small barely noticable scratch on the from near the Handspring logo. About 1/4 inch long. Otherwise it's in perfect condition.

    Handspring Treo 270 w/headset, stylus, software in box.
    Original Price w/o SIM $699.00

    Included USB Charging/Sync Cable
    Original Price: $0.00

    Seidio 8 inch USB Sync&Charge Cable (Brand New - Never Used)
    Original Price: $23.95

    Seido Swivel Clip Holster (Brand New - Never Used)
    Original Price: $17.95

    Handspring Car Charger
    Original Price: $29.99

    Handspring Treo Belt Clip
    Original Price: $24.99

    Total ORIGINAL Price: $795.88
    This is the price if you bought everything NEW today!

    I will sell the whole package for:
    $450.00 (including shipping in the US)

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    Thanks to those who expressed interest!

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