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    For Sale:

    Palm Treo-680 (AT&T) with some great extras. Device is Unlocked and in perfect working order with only light scratches. Comes with a thin silicone sleeve (case), extra extended battery (with extended battery cover), charger, headphones, wall charger, sync cable, software & box.

    If interested, let me know!
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    Pics of the device and accessories:

    • Box
    • Manuals
    • Software
    • HotSync cable
    • Power cable
    • Car Charger
    • Stock Battery (1150mAh) and stock cover
    • Extended Battery (Seidio 2400mAh) with extended cover (also included!)
    • Silicone case

    Phone has some light scuff marks, but nothing bad. The screen has a couple of very slight indents (but you don't see them unless really looking for them)

    I also have a pack of Palm brand screen protectors for it available.

    Treo-680 with silicone sleeve

    Back with Regular (stock) Battery

    Extended 2400mAh battery with extended back cover installed

    Phone with extended battery installed

    With Silicone case
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    Can't figure out how to PM you... how much are you asking for the Treo?
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    If you want to PM me, just click my name and choose PM.

    You can click here too: PM HelloNNNewman

    I know what I want, but make me an offer and we can chat.
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    I also have a Treo 650 holster (shown below) that fits the 680 really well. If you are interested in that also, let me know!

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    bump to keep from having to use eBay
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    Curious if you ever ended up selling this phone?
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